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1965 Class Wills

We, the members of the highly respected Senior Class of 1965, being of sound mind, great personalities, the “Class of Champions, and all around good guys, do hereby bequeath our most valuable and prized possessions to our underclassmen, friends, and teachers, hoping that they will remember the greatest class ever.  

I, Warren Acklin, will to Frank Hensley, just one little dash of sticky slickness. He doesn’t need much more.

I, Sally Allen, will my bleeding madras shirt to Jim Buckner.

I, Suzie Altman, will my job in Mr. Heine’s office to any underclassman.

I, Jacqueline Anderson, will my sophisticated walk to Pat Ralston.

I, James Anderson, will my art ability to Mr. Werneke.

I, Melinda Anderson, will my stripped hair to anyone that wants it.

I, Dale Andrews, will my ability to play pool to Pat Ralston.

I, Lee Anstead, will my D.C.E. honorable experiences to Jim Kersey.

I, Don Anthony, being of insane mind, hereby bequeath my front seat in Mrs. McQuillan’s class to anyone who can make her laugh all year.

I, Jamie Arnett, will my “flushed down” ice cream cones to Mr. Snell, the Grand Inquisitor.

I, Tom Asbury, pledge to David Felstein my Cobra road racing set.

I, Bob Ash, will my “shooting ability” to San Francisco Rowe and L.A. Webster, and my “speed” to Freddie Bear Roesch.

I, Linda Bandy, will my ability to speed shift to Drew Diel.

I, Pat Barnhart, will my football ability and a twenty-five cent stogie to Turk Roman.

I, James Batton, being of sound mind and body do hereby bequeath my muscle body to Mr. Snell.

I, Richard Beacham, will my ability to keep out of trouble to Hayes Russell.

I, Keith Bealmer, will to any junior boy my athletic ability, good personality, good looks, and my book on how to succeed without really trying.

I, Alice Beardsley, will my liking of school to any junior who wants it.

I, Mike Beck, will my ability to Mr. Cave.

I, Kelly Bedford, will my ability to give exciting parties to Chip Raines.

I, Sarah Bennett, will six inches to Susie Felstein.

I, Kenny Bilyeu, will my ability to manage to Freddy Drum.

I, Shirley Bingham, will Suzie the wooley monkey to Chip Raines.

I, Don Black, will to Mr. Strunk all the fun I had at Dragon’s.

I, Bob Blitz, will nothing to nobody.

I, Leslie Boling, will my ability to argue to Mr. Roman.

I, Charles Bonar, will my pictures and memories of Barry Goldwater to Mr. Campbell.

I, David Bose, will my ability to finish school to some drop out.

I, Elsie Bowling, will my ability to make good grades, listen and learn to my brother, David.

I, Ron Bowman, will my ability to play football to Tom Little.

I, Danny Boyce, will my ability to make a lot of mistakes in my senior year to any underclassman.

I, Rodney Boyd, will my ability to comb my hair and to be able to talk to Mark Vukusich, who is in desperate need of both.

I, Don Bradbury, will my ability to keep my eyes off the girls legs to Mr. Schepper.

I, Tim Brenton, will my great trampoline bouncing ability to anyone who can keep his head out of the springs.

I, Alice Ann Brown, will my music ability to Mr. Boner.

I, Greg Brown, will my ability to stay away from cigarettes to Jim Jerling.

I, Kenny Brush, will my skill to Mr. Voges.

I, Charlotte Bryant, will my brownie points, etc.

, in French class to the poor underclassmen that Mr. Anderson is always speaking of.

I, William Cain, will my ability to raise “cain” to any underclassman.

I, Rick Cannon, will my football co-ordination to Mike Duggan.

I, Donna Carrico, will 10 bottles of editors tranquilizers to Janet Barnhart and Kay Reyher.

I, Brenda Cesinger, will my good shape to Linda Daughtery.

I, Errol Cesinger, will my bottle opener to Drew Diel.

I, Don Chamberlain, will my ability to ride a two-wheel vehicle to Roger Ringo.

I, Ellen Cheatem, will my fat knock-knees to Mr. Campbell.

I, Sue Church, will my black thing sandals to everyone who made fun of them.

I, Sherry Clark, will my ability to get X’s in government class to my little sister, Rose.

I, Margaret Collins, will my ability in Chemistry class to anyone taking Chemistry, they’ll need it.

I, Tom Combs, will my catching ability to Tom Sharpe.

I, Dianna Conn, will my ability to give well organized oral reports to Petty McWilliams.

I, Woodrow Conover, will my ability in Chemistry to Toni and Vicki.

I, Sandy Cook, will my office job to Mr. Strunk.

I, Sharon Cook, will my ability to forget to Roberta Marshall.

I, Jay Copra, will my ability to be quite to Kenny Loudermilk.

I, Priscilla Cordell, will my fingernails to those who bite their nails.

I, Ronnie Cox, will my basketball warm-ups (bermudas) to Mr. Sharpe.

I, John Creasey, will my right to be called “Castro” to Fred Drum.

I, Denny Cress, will one excise man to Herman Fagg.

I, Bruce Daily, will my ability to get into trouble with Mr. Carr without trying to some unfortunate sophomore.

I, Brenda Dalton, will my good disposition to someone who needs it.

I, Dennis Daniels, will my laugh to Miss Duenweg.

I, Sharon Daughtery, will my seat in Government class to my sister Vickie.

I, Mary Ann Davies, will my ability to keep Miss Lowery on the ball to the fall president of G.A.A.

I, Mary Ann Davies, will my ability to keep Miss Lowry organized to Dianna Loveall.

I, Neil Davis, will my ability to sleep in study hall to anyone who needs the rest.

I, Rocky Davis, will my nickname “Pear” to Linda Treadway and Bill McIntosh because I think they make a good one; I also will my ability to run twenty minutes behind to Steve Kuykendal because he thinks he is so far ahead of everyone.

I, Janet Deakins, will my ability to pick out a ring to anyone who is shopping.

I, Eddy Deischer, will my barrel arms to Steve Kuykendal to match his keg legs.

I, Betty DeWeese will my ability to take blood tests without fainting to anyone who might take one.

I, Clarence Dickerson, will my ability to get along with Mr. Feiss to any math major.

I, Barbara Dill, will my wig to Mr. Fox, who will put it to good use.

I, Allen Dixon, will all of my stone foxes to Larry Cheeks providing that I get them back on weekends.

I, James Dowen, will my math ability to some Sophomore who needs it.

I, James Dowen, will the third hair on my left toe to Nancy.

I, Leo Downey, will my “Leo the Lion Roar’ to any timid soul who might need it.

I, Larry Downing, will my black wavy hair to Mr. Smith.

I, Max Downs, will my ability to sleep in Study Hall to anyone who might need it.

I, Bob Dyer, will my ability to trip over the tennis net to Mr. Roman.

I, Geri Edwards, will my height to Linda Coy.

I, Dorinda Elder, will my artistic ability to Mrs. Walker.

I, Patty Evola, will my ability to get along with Mrs. Dean to any Business major.

I, Paulette Ewing, will my ability to give wonderful speeches to Mariann Turner.

I, Jane Fagg, will to any junior girl my ability to knit.

I, Tina Fairbanks, will my brains to science to study.

I, Bob Farris, will my green thumb to Mr. Cottom.

I, Don Faulkner, will my shyness to Louise Higbee.

I, Linda Fell, will my desire to be a nurse to Jenny Light.

I, Janet Ferrari, will Uncle Enzo’s sports car factory to Mr. Roman.

I, David Fields, will my ability to sleep in class to anyone.

I, Jack Fields, will my busted knuckles to my auto shop teacher, Mr. Smith.

I, Lester Fields, will my ability to mix concrete to anyone who needs a job.

I, Eddie Fischer, will my ability to park cars to Jamie Arnett.

I, Susan Foulke, will to Miss Lowery, a bottle of diet pills so she can become slimmer and talk more on trips to Muncie.

I, Patricia Fouts, will to Mrs. MsQuillan all my stray cats and dogs found at school.

I, Craig Fox, will to Beverly Fox my excellent reputation in the hopes that she won’t need it.

I, Mary Frericks, will all my good times at Tech to my brother.

I, Connie Fry, will everything I have, except my fiancee, to my sister Mary Lou.

I, Donna Fulk, will my ability to stay awake in study hall to Paula Schoffstall.

I, Anne Gainor, will my long hair to Cindy Funk.

I, Donna Gettle, will my ability to get along with Mr. Heine to Mike Ellis.

I, Jim Giffel, will to Mr. Strunk my “Playboy” magazines from the year 1907.

I, Mike Gilbert, will to Mr. Lorton, a good Pontiac to replace his old car.

I, Sarah Goldman, will my ability to get along with Mrs. Altekruse to any Business Math student.

I, Trudie Graham, will to Billie Thompson my pretty white teeth.

I, Cheryl Green, will my long fingernails to any sting-ray rider.

I, Don Green, will my long fingernails to Mr. Campbell for his wife.

I, Alva Greene, will to Mrs. Grant my book on Hamlet–slightly used.

I, Nancy Greene, will my baton to posterity.

I, Jane Greenlee, will my ability to keep quiet in Physical Science class to Sharon Corey.

I, Alan Griffith, will my ability to get along with Mr. James to any future Chemistry student.

I, Patty Grist, will my ability to get engaged to a Marine to Miss Lowery.

I, Larry Grizzel, will my golden toe to Mr. Roloff.

I, Denny Gummere, will my Economics book to Mrs. Barnett.

I, David Hagerman, will my French ability to Mr. Anderson.

I, Richard Hale, will my good nature to Mr. Feiss, if he needs it.

I, Roberta Hall, will my charm and fun loving personality to Mr. Strunk.

I, Janice Haltom, will my loud mouth to Nancy Emberton.

I, Curtis Harper, will my fast cycle to Lloyd Hendrix.

I, Jim Harris, will my sleepyness to the study hall.

I, Liz Harris, will my ability to keep my temper to the surviving or future Kappering Kittens.

I, Linda Hart, will my humorous attitude in Government to Ruth Hart.

I, Ron Hay, will my stillness to Frank Hensley.

I, Judi Hayes, will an apple to Mr. Strunk.

I, Larry Heald, will my weight lifting to Brad Harper.

I, Judy Hedding, will my ability to make A’s to my sister.

I, Tom Hein, will my ability to do nothing in Art class to Jeff Gallion who is always doing something.

I, John Helm, will my foundry ability to Mr. Ramsey.

I, Richard Helton, will my new “47" Chevy to Jerry Weaver.

I, Donna Henderson, will my humorous attitude to my sister Linda.

I, Gary Hendrix, will my ability to help Leo the Janitor to anyone he needs.

I, Gary Hendrix, will my ability to bum material from all shop teachers to my brother Lloyd.

I, James Henry, will my ability to stay away from the opposite sex to my girl in hopes it will keep her away from the boys.

I, William Henry, will my ability to stay away from girls to all boys.

I, Linda Hensley, will my nickname “fragile” to Mr. Roloff.

I, Camille Herrin, will the seat Lynn Johnson willed to me in hopes that she will make better use of it to Cheryl Rooney.

I, Shirley Hess, will my association with the Wilson Band to Mr. Boner.

I, Alice Hetterscheidt, will all the fried rice in the world to Miss Lowry.

I, Pat Hoctor, will my ability to never have a pencil to everyone.

I, Pat Hoctor, will my ability to say the wrong thing at the wrong time and my bad luck to Jess Hendrix.

I, Carol Hogue, will the ability to get along with a certain Psychology teacher to my sister Diana.

I, Larry Holmes, will my art ability to Mr. Cave.

I, Alan Holt, will my ability as a craftsman to Mr. Snell.

I, Alan Holt, will my socks to Tony Pugh who don’t seem to have any.

I, Frank Holt, will my ability to please to Mr. Fiess.

I, Jim Horsley, will my absences to Mr. Heine.

I, Peggy Howse, will my chair in Student Council to Lindsey Harden.

I, Duane Hunt, will my extreme height and my “couth” (opposite of uncouth) to Don Carroll.

I, Sheila Hyde, will my high heels to Freddie Drum.(Moose).

I, Paula Ingle, will my ability to fight to Woody Sappingfield.

I, Jim Jackson, being brilliant, handsome, and Don Juan I, leave to Stevie Baton the duties of picking up where I leave off with the girls.

I, Linda Jackson, will my sewing thimble to Sharon Weidow.

I, Peggy Jackson, will my brain to Mr. Carr to help start a study of monkeys.

I, Mary Jeffers, will my ability to read books to Mr. Sisson.

I, Raymond Johnson, will my ability to drag race to some unfortunate sophomore.

I, Carolyn Jones, will my wordiness on themes to anyone who can’t think of anything to say.

I, Stephen Keller, leave to Mr. Campbell all my old James Bond books.

I, Myra Kelsey, will my head majorette uniform to Dick Marcus.

I, Carol Kirkpatrick, will my bruised shins to anyone who sits in front of Mr. Strunk’s desk next year.

I, Patty Kirchner, will all my Y-Teen guide sheets for devotions to Mary Lou Orman.

I, Sharon Knopp, will my good looks to Mary Sankey.

I, Dennis Kraemer, will my ability to play football to Mike Ellis.

I, Patty Kress, will my ability to break test tubes to Vickie Eardley.

I, Randy Krieble, will my wrist action to Bill Mcintosh.

I, Bonita Krone, will my talent to get in trouble to Dave Bays.

I, Linda Kunkel, will all the little “nasties” Mike Duggan draws of me in German to my sister, Becky.

I, Richard Kupferer, will my spelling ability to Mrs. McQuillan, my slide rule to Mrs. Grant, my ping pong ball to Mrs. Barnett, and a pair of black socks to Mr. Burrows.

I, Karen Kyle, will my ability to keep quiet in study hall to Bonnie Mundell and Annette Rupska.

I, Ora Ladd, will to Regina Norton my old locker on C floor, which I have had for 3 years.

I, Sharon Lampton, will my interest in Science classes to a junior girl.

I, Cheryl Larrabee, will my height to any girl who wants it, because I sure don’t.

I, Joe Laswell, will my place in the D.E. program to a deserving underclassman.

I, Louie Lawson, will my singing ability to Little Stevie Wonder, Larry Cheeks.

I, Shirley Lawson, will my ability to chew gum in Mrs. Altekruse’s class all year and not get an eight hour to anyone who needs it.

I, John Lee, will my ability to sleep with my eyes open to anyone who has Mr. Schepper.

I, Linda Lee, will my ability to keep my hair one color to Mary Sankey.

I, Mary Ellen Lee, will my driver’s license to Jerry Black.

I, Mark Levin, will my quiet disposition to Dick Marcus.

I, Charlie Lewis, will my great ability to injure my legs in track to Mike Petty.

I, Ronald Lewis, will my size 13 tennis shoes to Jim Burgess.

I, Marilyn Liehr, will my ability to walk up the stairs without falling down to Paul Clingerman.

I, Bill Liffick, will my ability to sleep to the teachers, so no one else will have to sleep through their classes.

I, Patty Light, will my yearbook “dummy” to Sue Brill. Good Luck!

I, John Long, will my short hair to any bald teacher who needs it.

I, Bill Long, will my ability to play ping pong to Grace Fritz.

I, Norm Lowery, bequeath my football number 12 to anyone who wants to be a second string quarterback for four years.

I, Marlene Lybarger, will a dictionary with the words, but without the definitions to Mr. Roman so that he may write his own.

I, Lea Mace, will my ability to fall down the stairs between B and C floors to my sister.

I, Wayne Massey, of sound mind, do hereby will my patented “plug and crank” machine to Mr. Burrows and his Physics classes.

I, Bruce Maxwell, will my ability to get along with Mrs. Walker in the library to Alvin Skaggs.

I, Robert McAllister, will my tennis racket to next year’s team.

I, Nelson McCampbell, will my lucious brown hair to that red head Bonnie Mudell.

I, Robert McCauley, will my low scores in golf to Miss Lowry, she wants them.

I, Debby McClintock, will my ability not to be a nuisance to Drew Diel.

I, Steve McCloud, will my study habits to any boy that needs them.

I, Carol McCombs , being of sound body and mind, do hereby will my ability to have a good time every weekend without getting caught to Jim Correll.

I, Bob McConville, will my seat on the bench, next to Mr. Sharpe, to any undeserving ball player, who fouls out a minimum of five games.

I, Steve McCray, will my car to Jackie Miser so she can get to lunch every day.

I, Earl McCullough, will my ability to understand Greek plays to any student taking Academic English.

I, Pam McCune, will my clipboard and tranquilizers to the co-directors of next year’s campus revue.

I, John Miller, will the Jolly Green Giant to the 1965-1966 basketball team.

I, Peggy McKee, will my ability to graduate to Jim Buckner.

I, Iris McKinney, will my ability to have a steady guy to Gracie Fritz.

I, Marg Miller, will my hate for my senior year to some junior who likes school.

I, Sharon Miller, will my ability to fall down the steps to some co-ordinated junior.

I, Steve Milner, will my ability to read to some junior who needs it.

I, Ron Milton, will my two-way radio to Mike Patrick.

I, Karen Minnis, will my seat in Economics class to Sandy Horrall.

I, Brenda Montgomery, will my talent of filing grade cards to THE Mr. Lorton.

I, Bill Moore, will my ability to keep the same girlfriend to any junior boy.

I, Richard Morgan, will the writing on the wall to posterity.

I, Ron Mullen, will myself to Bunch’s Nursery. I would like to thank everyone that contributed to the Tall Sycamore Fund. Thanks for the coins.

I, Robert Myers, will my mechanical ability to Mike Ellis.

I, Wayne Myers, will my ability to hop classes to any junior.

I, Becky Myrick, will my seat in band to any junior or sophomore who wants it.

I, Nancy Nelson, will my ability to hop a whole semester without getting caught to any would-be hopper.

I, Bill Nevins, will my opener to Curtis Pike.

I, Ronnie Newling, will a lifetime supply of chewing gum to Ronnie Poore.

I, Lynn Nicoson, will my ability to work in Mr. Heine’s office after having him in a class, to Myra Brewer.

I, Tommy Norris, will my ability to pick up attendance slips to a junior office worker.

I, Paul Nusbaum, will my straight A’s to anyone who needs them.

I, Bob Oehl, will my ability to get along with Mrs. Barnett to any future Econ student.

I, Raymond Oldham, will my Mustang to anyone who could use a new car.

I, Doug Orman, will my tennis racket to Don Sandberg so he can letter in the spring sports next spring, so he can win the County and W.I.C. with it.

I, Paula Orth, will my ‘53 Ford to Mr. Cave who was my driver education teacher.

I, Charles Osborn, will my comfortable seat in senior homeroom to any unlucky junior.

I, Becky Pate, will my crown to any lucky junior girl.

I, Mike Patrick, will my ability to let classes out on time to Mr. Fiess.

I, Anna Perrelle, will to Carolyn Schimmel all my library fines and overdue books.

I, Linda Perry, will my ability to concentrate to Sharon Houpt.

I, Linda Pershing, will all my brownie points to any underclassman who may need them.

I, Linda Pershing, being of sound mind do hereby will my sneaky ability to leave 7th hour office to Sharon Weidow.

I, Steve Peters, bequeath my drum sticks to Mr. Strunk so he can play at Dragon’s Barn and watch the kids dance.

I, Bob Petty, will my ability to stay awake in Economics class to Mike Wallace.

I, Jim Petty, will to John Snow the ability to get along with Mr. Lorton as I did.

I, Bob Petzold, will my loud mouth to anyone who had to stand up and recite in Mr. Fiess’ class.

I, Patty Phillips, will my ability not to chew gum in Mrs. Alterkruse’s class to Connie Kennedy.

I, Marcella Poett, will my long hair to Mr. Sisson providing he keeps it curled.

I, Rita Pound, will my ability to think to Janice Sue Waugh.

I, Pat Ray, will my ability to reign successfully as President of the “In Crowd” to Darlene Redman.

I, Gail Rector, will my ability to have many “problems” to Donna Price.

I, Max Reed, will my ability to play football to Pat Ralston, maybe it will help him and his club foot.

I, Blanche Rice, will my ability to march and keep trim to Viola Rose.

I, Jerry Rickard, will my seat in Mr. Roman’s really great homeroom to any real luck junior.

I, Kay Roberts, will fifty points in G.A.A. to Janet Barnhart and Margie Ofsansky as they are already 365 3/4 points in the hole.

I, Rick Roberts, will all the fun I had sitting by Mike Duggan in German class to the next unlucky person.

I, Janet Robinson, will my Botany book to Linda Daughtery.

I, Larry Rodeman, will my curly hair to anybody, either a certain junior girl or any boy who wants it.

I, Larry Rodneff, do will my ability to keep out of warm places to Mr. Werneke. (Personal joke.)

I, Jack Roman, will my ability to use the P.A. without feedback to Gerald Staggs, who needs it badly.

I, Bob Rose, will my tremendous speed to Jerry Wedding, Tech’s leading miler for next year.

I, Eddie Rossiter, leave to Mr. Campbell my immense interest and knowledge in government, especially my love of State government.

I, Tom Rothrock, will my gearshift knob and massive right arm to Dave Lee so he can jerk the hurst levers into second gear without breaking his arm.

I, James Royer, will my carpentry ability to Mr. Kenneth Martin.

I, Manford Rudisel, will my terrific ability to drive to Ronald L. Quintaine.

I, Ron Rusk, will my 48 pick-up to Don Whallon.

I, Larry Russell, will all my beautiful women to Mr. Cave.

I, Connie Russell, will my superior brain in Botany to my coming generation.

I, Larry Sagraves, will my natural “courteousness” to Mrs. Grant.

I, Peggy Samm, will my ability to get called upon in Psychology class to any forthcoming teacher’s pet.

I, Sharon Sankey, will my No-Doz to Becky Kunkel.

I, Shirley Schaefer, will my extreme height to Mr. Campbell.

I, Jackie Schofield, do hereby bequeath all my debts to Mr. “Money Bags” Sisson.

I, Linda Schorer, will my old shorthand notebook to Marilyn Hoss.

I, Ben Schull, do hereby will my tennis ability to Mr. Roman.

I, Amylou Scott will my ability to talk to one of my favorite teachers, Mr. Campbell.

I, Betsy Seidel, will my good health to Darlene Nees.

I, Jim Seim, will my ‘53 Ford, ‘56 Oldsmobile and any other car that I buy which will never run to any junior who will need a car.

I, Pat Serkosky, will to Louise Higbie, my reserved personality in Physical Science.

I, Linda Servie, will all my artistic ability to Mr. Werneke, who needs it.

I, Carolyn Ann Session, will my ability to get extra test points from Mr. Campbell to whoever may need it.

I, Brian Sharpe, will Jerry Black the back seat of my car for future extra-curricular activities.

I, Judy Sharpe, will to Mr. Snell a box of cough drops, two Magic Markers, and a big “thank you”.

I, Elizabeth Shaw, will my 10:00 a.m. stomach growls to Roberta Marshall.

I, Rose Shores, will my ability to make an “A” in bookkeeping to Terri Gardner.

I, Penny Silvers, will my dancing ability to Mr. Sisson.

I, Sharon Simpson, will my position as majorette to any lucky girl who wants it.

I, Jerry Smith, will Mr. Campbell a pair of elevated shoes and a size 10 hat.

I, Tal David Snedeker, will my gas eating automobile to anyone who can afford to feed it.

I, Joann Snow, will my ability to get along with Mr. Roman to Dianna Loveall.

I, Sheila Spillers, will all my beauty and brains to Pam Mason and excess pounds to Viola Rose.

I, Barbara Starkey, will my pos as DABette President to Carolyn Butcher, Lynn Deardorff, Jenny Light, Dianna Loveall or Lillian Pu.

I, Connie Stiles, will my seat in bookkeeping to Peggy Thompson.

I, Sandy Strong, will my champagne to Mr. Schepper.

I, Dan Taylor, will my innocent looks and my ability to never get an eighth hour to John Koffel.

I, Larry Thompson, will my ability to lose weight to my good friend, Mr. Lorton.

I, Delight Thompson, will my “A” in Zoology to Bill Thompson.

I, Rick Titus, will all my money to Dave Felstein.

I, Sharon Tomlinson, will my seat in Mrs. Altekruse’s class to Darrell Baker.

I, Bruce Tracy, will my ability to weld to Mr. Mason.

I, Dave Treadway, will my charm, good looks, and friendliness to my sister, Linda.

I, Mike Tribby, will my ability to Dennis Banks to get along with Mr. Schepper.

I, Lyndon Tucker, will my ability to keep my eyes off girls legs to any boy.

I, Debbie Tyler, will my ability to lie to that “certain someone” and get away with it to Chip Raines, who hasn’t BEEN so lucky.

I, Don Van Horn, will my knowledge of Mayor Tucker’s activities to Mr. Campbell.

I, Tom Wade, will to Fred (Freddie Bear) Roesch and Don (Chince) Sandbergh my ability to give brief explanations of Trigonometry problems.

I, Beverly Wagner, will my seat in Mr. Strunk’s 7th hour Psychology class to any brave engaged junior.

I, Margaret Walker, will a night at K.B’s to N.L, J.S., and R.D.

I, Dave Walls, will my first man position on the tennis team to Richard Benjamin who will probably earn it anyway.

I, Judy Walmsley, will my hair-less paint brush to my sister, good luck Laura.

I, Don Ward, will all the dirt I have collected from foundry to any farmer in the future.

I, Ray Watts, bequeath my name, “Voges”, to a junior machine shop student.

I, Donna Webb, hereby will my short height to any tall junior who really wants it.

I, Jesse Wedding, will this fine school to all the little people coming to Gerstmeyer next year. I hope they will use as much energy trying to keep from getting “F”s as I have the past three years.

I, Nancy Whitehouse, will my ability to take notes to next year’s Student Council secretary.

I, Frances Whitesides, will my looks and charm to my sister, Mary.

I, Jim Williams, will my abiity to get tood grades during my senior year to Jim Frericks.

I, Gary Wiram, do bequeath my Shrine parking spot to Mr. Strunk.

I, Paulette Witt, will my future convertible to Mary Lou Orman.

I, Karla Woodsmall, will my small waistline to Steve Kuykendall.

I, James Wright, will my terrific grades and my magnificent height and good looks to Ed Russell. He will need them if he intends to graduate.

I, Bart York, will my ability to shift a 4-speed to Dave Felstein. You need it!

I, Lorraine Young, will my limited ability in Mr. Fox’s Geometry I class to Sam Shorter, cause you’re going to need all the help you can get next fall.

I, Mike Zimmerman, will the track shoes that Bucky Gilbert willed to me, to Jeff Gallion.


We, the Senior Class of 1965, will the underclassmen our superior ability to have fun, intellect, and class sponsors. We, the Senior Class of 1965 will our ability to step.....step.....step.....step.....step.....step!!! to the Junior Class, they’ll need it!