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Now Available New Tech Class Rings

  • Was your class ring stolen?
  • Did a former boyfriend or girlfriend refuse to return it?
  • Have you lost it?
  • Did you not have the opportunity to get one at all?
  • Do you want a new one?

A recent Facebook discussion brought up the idea of getting new class rings. Several individuals stated they had lost theirs, some had not been able to get them back after a breakup, others were robbery victims, and still others were never in a position to get one in the first place. In each case, FB'ers expressed a desire to acquire class rings now. so we got busy.

After checking with our local jewelers and a multitude of national class ring manufacturers, we have have been able to locate ONE manufacturer in the United States who will re-create class rings for Gerstmeyer, complete with our beloved Tech crest and graduation year.

Dunham Manufacturing has re-molded the crest, and it is now available on their website. To order a new class ring, simply click the link below to go to their website. Dunham offers a wide range of styles to choose from made with a variety of metals and stones that fit into most any budget. Click the link below to scan through the options for the right ring just for you or that special someone you wish to surprise. By choosing the Classic design, you can have the school crest added. Your ring will be uniquely yours . . . traditional, contemporary, funky, flashy or sleek . . . whatever your personal style is.

You will find Tech in the drop down list of schools for Terre Haute. There is no time frame or limit on when you can order. All orders will go directly through Dunham.

Join us on Facebook, and share a photo of that beautiful new ring when you get it.


Click here for details and ordering.