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Elizabeth (Betty de Weese) Tucker, Webmaster

November 22, 1963

The day the earth stood still and the angels wept.

JFKThat day, forever etched in our minds, was a typical cold, overcast November Friday--typical until 5th hour, when the whole world came crashing down. The next four days are seared into our memory, as if they were just last week. We remember where we were--in class or at lunch, who we were with, who told us, what we felt. We remember everyone's red eyes, silent sobs, tears in the eyes of tough, "hard as nails" teachers.

Until that day television had been just a form of entertainment, something on which to watch American Bandstand, baseball, Route 66, Red Skelton, The Twilight Zone or Ed Sullivan. On that day the box in the living room became the most important thing in the world. We sat numb, mesmerized, staring in paralyzed disbelief for four days and nights.

Our world was never the same carefree, place again. Reality came quickly. That was the day we realized there were more important things in life than who won Friday night's game, and who we would dance with at the mixer afterward. That was the day we said good-bye to innocence and began our trek toward maturity and its ugly, sometimes hidden, faces.