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The Sports Page

Can you remember...

...when cheerleaders actually led cheers?

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...the sweetest victory of the '62 season?

Gerstmeyer 20 Garfield 13

...that magnificient undefeated '63 season?

'63 Football Team

Row 1, L-R: Essie Cheeks, Pat Sullivan, Tony Smodilla, Jon Beal, Frank Sappingfield, Mike Wilson, Mike Fallowfield, Jerry Green

Row 2, L-R: Jack Smith, Allen Dixon, Louie Lawson, Jerry Smith, Max Reed, Ray Watts, Larry Grizzel, Norman Lowery, Pat Barnhart, Keath Bealmer, Bruce Maxwell, Larry Withrow

Row 3, L-R: Coach Robert Cave, Ed Carlson, Rick Titus, Daryl Hughes, Ron Mullen, Frank Holt, Max Downs, Charles Lewis, Wayne Shabaz, Gary Wiram, Tony McGee, Mike Patrick, Coach Woody Roloff

Row 4, L-R: Wayne Massey, Bob Oehl, Rick Cannon, Ron Cox, Dennis Kraemer, Bill Eldred, Richard Beacham, Steve Herner, James Wright, Don Sabla, Dave Walls, Ronald Bowman, Larry Rodneff, Kenny Bilyeu.

1963-64 Season

Sept.6 Tech 20 ~ Clinton 12
Sept. 13 Tech 26 ~ Bedford 13
Sept. 20 Tech 15 ~ Schulte 6
Sept. 27 Tech 20 ~ Sullivan 7
Oct. 3 Tech 14 ~ Brazil 6
Oct. 11 Tech 53 ~ Garfield 0
Oct. 24 Tech 62 ~ West Vigo 7
Nov. 3 Tech 41 ~ Honey Creek 0
Nov. 11 Tech 6 ~ Wiley 6

. . . the Smart Trophy?

Stran Steel awarded this trophy for achieving the highest scholastic achievement of all Vigo County football teams to our fine squad in 1964. Accepting on behalf of Gerstmeyer are (L-R) Essie Cheeks, Frank Sappingfield and Tony Smodilla. Presenting the trophy are Mr. Frank Daggett and Mr. Bernard Burdick of Stran Steel.

...hoosier hysteria at it's finest?

Row 1, L-R: Louie Lawson, John Miller, Ray Watts, Tom Hunt, and Larry Cheeks
Row 2, L-R: Dennis Kratzer, Mgr, Bill McIntosh, Gregg Criss, Fred Roesch, Tom Wade and Don Anthony, Mgr.
Row 3, L-R: Coach Roloff, Don Sandberg, Chuck Toth, Bob McConnville, Bob Ash, Randy Krieble, and Coach Sharpe

...the world class '63-'64 track team?

Row 1, L-R: Rusty Hickman, Mgr., Steve Herner, Max Reed, Bucky Gilbert, Allen Dixon, Mike Zimmerman, Norman Lowery, Pat Barnhart, Keith Bealmer, and Richard Beacham Row 2, L-R: Coach Ranum, Jim Giffel, Bruce Maxwell, Mike Wilson, Les Ross, John Long, Mike Phillips, Lou Ross, Ron Mullen, Jerry Smith, Charlie Lewis, Bob Petzold and Coach Cave

. . . Golfing Greats?

L-R: Ron Cox, Steve McCray, Tom Hunt, Greg Eicholz, Mike Beck, Ron Poore, Bob McCauley, Kenny McNeil, Don Anthony, Steve Simmons, and Coach Pritchett.

. . . Tennis Pros?

Row 1, L-R: Bob Dyer, Dave Walls, Bob McAllister, and Jim Harris
Row 2, L-R: Richard Benjamin, Rocky Davis, Coach Roman, and Doug Orman

. . . Exciting Baseball?

Row 1, L-R: Bob Stephens, Deb Payne, Alan McCullough, Tony Smodilla, Bob DeHart, Larry Sagraves, Louie Lawson, Dale Andrews, John Miller, and Denny Gummere.
Row 2, L-R: Don Nichols, Bob Ash, Darrel Stewart, Don Fell, Bill Doan, Mike Phillips, John Grimes, Tom Wade, Ray Watts, Jerry Smith, Larry Russell, and Coach Sharpe

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