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62-63 Varsity

Row 1, L-R: Bob Lewis, mgr., Bob Knight, Melvin Frederick, Jim Wright, Keith Bealmear, Pat Barnhart, and Woody Conover, mgr.

Row 2, L-R: Mike Wilson, Essie Cheeks, Bert Morrison, Jim Creighton, Charlie Lewis, John Clausman, Bob Petzold and Bucky Gilbert

Row 3, L-R: Coach Welch, Ron Mullen, Perry Wiggins, Lou Ross, Bill Stringer, Mike Phillips, Gary Loffland, Len Forrester, Richard Beacham, Allen Dixon, Mike Zimmerman, and Claude Gorman, mgr. 62-63 Junior Varsity

Row 1, L-R: Rick Cannon, Tom Brewer, Tyrone Maxwell, Larry Russell, Norm Lowery, Don Van Horn, Ron Miller, and Jim Wright

Row 2, L-R: Coach Cave, Mike Zimmerman, Jim Giffel, Steve Chaner, Jay Copra, Pat Hoctor, Nelson McCampbell, Ron Mullen, Bob Hunt, Max Reed, Rick Roberts, John Creasey, Jim Seim, Bob Rose, and Jim Brosman

63-64 Varsity

Row 1, L-R: Rusty Hickman, mgr, Steve Herner, Max Reed, Bucky Gilber, Allen Dixon, Mike Zimmerman, Norman Lowery, Pat Barnhart, Keith Bealmear and Richard Beacham

Row 2, L-R: Coach Ranum, Jim Giffel, Bruce Maxwell, Mike Wilson, Less Ross, John Long, Mike Phillips, Lou Ross, Ron Mullen, Jerry Smith, Charlie Lewis, Bob Petzold and Coach Cave

63-64 Junior Varsity

Row 1, L-R: Jack Adams, Robert Peck, Richard Johnson, Fred Thomas, Mike Polifroni, and John Wise

Row 2, L-R: Rusty Hickman, mgr. Clint Cathcart, John Russell, Victor Cooper, Pat Ralston, Bob Rowe, Dave Felstein, Larry Green, and Coach Ranam

Row 3, L-R: Jack Fuson, Gregg Criss, Jim Cahill, Ed Russell, Chuck Toth, Jay Copra, Jeff Gallion, Clarence Dickrson, Rick Roberts, and Ronnie Miller

64-65 Varsity

Row 1, L-R: John Loudermilk, Bob Petzold, Clarence Dickerson, Jim Cahill, Jerry Smith, Ron Mullen, John Long, Norm Lowery, Keith Bealmear, and John Long

Row 2, L-R: Mike Zimmerman, Charlie Lewis, Jack Fuson, Don Sandburg, Clint Cathcart, Bob McConnville, Randy Krieble, Bob Rowe, and Jerry Wedding

Row 3, L-R: Jim Wright, Jeff Gallion, Victor Cooper, Charlie Carson, Bruce Maxwell, Allen Dixon, Gregg Criss, Tom Little, Steve Herner, Jesse Wedding
Row 4, L-R: Ed Stedman, Mike Serkosky, Kenny Loudermilk and Fred Drumm

64-65 Junior Varsity

Row 1, L-R: Tom Buddle, Steve Ludwig, Cliff Dunham, Steve Wade, Mike Monninger, Bob Edwards, Don Beck, and Ray Gottschalk

Row 2, L-R: George Ralston, Art Givens, Tom Bunch, Tom Allen Steve Batton, Tony Pugh, Mike Farr, Ed Stedman, Bill Soules and George Woods

Row 3, L-R: Dave Lee, Mike Polifroni, Mike Beck Steve Kuykendall, Mike Duggan, Mike Petty, Ray Braden, John Davies and Steve McDaniels

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