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School Spirit

62-63 Varsity Cheerleaders

Front-Back: Connie Schull, Linda James, Delana Haverty, Margie Kennedy, Donna Carrico, and Judy Sharpe.

62-63 B Team

L-R: Shirley Schaeffer, Liz Harris, and Paula Orth; Mascot Carl Austin Zody in front.

63-64 Varsity Cheerleaders

Front-Back: Margie Kennedy , Delana Haverty , Donna Riggs , Judy Sharpe , Donna Carrico , Paula Orth.

62-63 B-Team Cheerleaders

L-R: Shirley Schaeffer, Beverly Hyde, Linda Treadway, Debbie Rector, Kay Reyher, Janet Barnhart, and Jana Rushworth.

64-65 Varsity Cheerleaders

Front-Back: Paula Orth, Debbie Rector, Linda Treadway, Judy Sharpe, Janet Barnhart, and Donna Carrico.

64-65 B-Team Cheerleaders

Left to Right: Tana Schoffstall, Linda Coy, Middie Leach, Susan Felstein, Claudia Joy, and Becky Altman.

62-63 Majorettes

L-R: Elaine Brill, Mary Novotney, Myra Kelsey, Mary Lou Kelsey, Diane Monninger, and Sharon Simpson.

64-65 Majorettes

Row 1, L-R: Nancy Green, Myra Kelsey, and Sharon Simpson

Row 2, L-R: Beverly Fox , Donna Murtaugh, Margie Ofsansky, Nancy Powell, and Linda Griffy

Kappering Kittens

Front Row L-R: Dorinda Elder, Debbie Elder, Donna Fulk, Mary Ann Davies, Venita Evinger, Jeanne Fulk, Lindsay Harden.

Back Row L-R: Debbie Stokes, Penny Silvers, Carol Swift, Patty Grist, Blanche Rice, Mary Serban, Teresa Erwin, Barbara Starkey, Karla Oehl, Vicki Kirkman, and Carol Endress.