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Sports Page 2

Gridiron Memories

62 Varsity

Row 1, L-R: Allen Dixon, Louie Lawson, Gene Parks, Bill Wilson, Bob Green, Don Nichols, Norm Lowery, Pat Barnhart, Keith Bealmear, and Pat Sullivan.

Row 2, L-R: Rick Cannon, Bill Glass, Ron Walker, Jerry Smith, Eessie Cheeks, Jerry Green, Jack Smith, Mike Wilson, Leon McKinney, and Larry Withrow

Row 3, L-R: Gary Turner, Coach Cave, Bob Reynolds, Ron Bowman, Tyron Maxwell, Frank Long, Mike Johnson, Ray Watts, Jon Beal, Jerry Haney, John Grimes, Frank Sappingfield, Deb Payne, Rick Titus, and Coach Roloff

Row 4, L-R: Joe Atkinson, Kenny Bilyeu, Darrel Hughes, Gene Kelly, Larry Grizzel, Mike Fallowfield, Mike Brown, Mike Gwin, Max White, Larry Groth, Tony Smodilla and Kenny Eddy

62 B-Team

Row 1, L-R: Ron Dunbar, Richard Snell, Jim Wright, Wayne Myers, Eddie Deischer, Tony McGee, Charlie Lewis, Bart York, and Denny Kraemer

Row 2, L-R: Jim Anderson, Max Reed, Dave Walls, Jerry Rickard, Richard Beacham, Larry Russell, Dave Fuchs,Ron Cox, Bob McCauley, Wayne Shabaz, and Dave Wallace

Row 3, L-R: Jesse Wedding, Don Sabla, Bob Rose, Rocky Davis, Fred Dyer, Pat Hoctor, Frank Holt, Coach Sullivan, Coach Roman, Greg Brown, Wayne Massey, Dennis Brewer, Bill Eldred, Bill Hughes, Bob Ward and Steve Carrothers.

62 Renegrades

Row 1, L-R: John Beal, Bruce Maxwell, Essie Cheeks, Frank Sappingfield, Ed Carlson, Mike Fallowfield, and Mike Wilson

Row 2, L-R: Allen Dixon, Ron Cox, Tony Smodilla, Louie Lawson, Jerry Smith, Max Reed, and Larry Grizzel

62 Bandits

Row 1, L-R: Ray Watts, Bruce Maxwell, Wayne Shabaz, Gary Wiram, John Beal, and Tony Smodilla

Row 2, L-R: Pat Barnhart, Frank Sappingfield, Norm Lowery, Jack Smith, Louie Lawson, Essie Cheeks, and Keith Bealmear

63 B-Team

Row 1, L-R: Dennis Sharp, Richard Johnson, Jerry Wedding, Clint Cathcart, John Fagg, Bob Fagg, Mike Polifroni, and John Loudermilk

Row 2, L-R: Rick Roberts, William Peters, Steve LaRoche, Steve Kuykendall, Mike Webster, Bob Rowe, Pat Ralston, Kenny Loudermilk, Victor Cooper, and Dean Thompson

Row 3, L-R: Coach Roman, Bart York, Tom Brewer, Jay Copra, Don Carroll, Dave Felstein, Bill Duggan, Steve Michaels, Fred Thomas, Ronnie Day, and Coach Sullivan

Row 4, L-R: Jim Briggs, Jesse Wedding, Ed Russell, Jim Batman, Jim Cahill, Steve Laffoon, John Cundiff, Greg Brown, Clarence Dickerson, Steve Wade, and Bill McIntosh

63 Renegades

63 Bandits

64 Varsity

Row 1, L-R: Tony McGee, Charlie Lewis, Pat Barnhard, Norm Lowery, Keith Bealmear, Max Reed, Jerry Smith, Ron Mullen, Deny Kraemer, Larry Grizzel, Ron Cox, and Rick Cannon.

Row 2, L-R: Louie Lawson, Allen Dixon, Dave Walls, Tom Brewer, Steve Kuykendall, Don Carroll, Bob Rowe, Frank Long, Ray Watts, Daryl Hughes, Ron Bowman, Victor Cooper, and Steve Herner

3rd Row, L-R: Pat Ralston, Steve Wade, Clint Cathcart, Jerry Wedding, Steve laRoache, Mike Ellis, MikeWebster, Steve Michaels, Bill McIntosh, Jon Long, Mike Polifroni, Mike Duggan, Jay Copra, Bart York and Dave Felstein

64 Renegades

Row 1, L-R: Rick Cannon, Ron Bowman, Tom Brewer, Rick Titus, Clint Cathcard, Dave Walls and Larry Grizzell.
Row 2, L-R: Tony McGee, Allen Dixon, Louie Lawson, Jerry Smith, and Ron Cox

64 Bandits

Row 1, L-R: Norm Lowery, Daryl Hughes, Mike Duggan, George Long, Steve Kuykendall, Bruce Maxwell and Ray Watts
Row 2, L-R: Pat Barnhart, Steve Michaels, Louie Lawson, Denny Kraemer, Bob Rowe, and Keith Bealmear

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