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Sports Page 3

Black Cat Hoosier Hysteria

62-63 Varsity

Kneeling, L-R: Larry Russell, Bob Stephens, Coach Sharpe, Deb Payne, and Theosie Nunn Row 2, L-R: Louie Lawson, Leonard Forrester, John Grimes, Tom Jackson, Gene Lowe, Lester Ross, Mike Phillips, Darrell Steward, and Lou Ross

62-63 B-Team

Row 1, L-R: Tom Hunt, Ron Cox, John Miller, Larry Sagraves, Terry Lowe, Ray Watts, Jerry Smith and Dale Andrews Row 2, L-R: Doug Orman, mgr., Ken Smith, Bob Ash, Rick Cannon, Coach Sullivan, Randy Krieble, Bob Petty, Larry Rodeman, Tom Wade, and Bill Eldred, mgr.

62-63 C-Team

Row 1, L-R: Bill Eldred, mgr., Ron Mullen, Don Anthony, Rick titus, Keith Bea;lmear, Larry Grizzel and Nelson McCampbell Row 2, L-R: Doug Orman, mgr., Tom Combs, Bob McCauley, Leroy Anstead, Jim Anderson and Coach Roloff

63-64 Varsity

Row 1, L-R: Larry Russell, Louie Lawson, Ray Watts, Dale Andrews, Tom Wade, Randy Krieble, John Miller and Ron Cox

Row 2, L-R: Coach Sharpe, Darrel Steward, Lou Ross, Lester Ross, Larry Rodeman, Mike Phillips, Bob McConville and Bob Ash

63-64 B-Team

Row 1, L-R: Coach Sullivan, Kenny Gilbert, Ron Cox, Bob Rowe, John Clampitt, Tom Sharpe, and Larry Cheeks

Row 2, L-R: John McDonnall, Mike Webster, Larry Rodeman, Bill McIntosh, Don Sandberg, Steve Wade, Ken Smith, Chuck Toth

64-65 Varsity

Row 1, L-R: Louie Lawson, John Miller, Ray Watts, Tom Hunt and Larry Cheeks

Row 2, L-R: Dennis Kratzer, mgr, Bill McIntosh, Greg Criss, Fred Roesch, Tom Wade, Don Anthony, mgr.

64-65 B-Team

Row 1, L-R: Larry Cheeks, Arthur Givins, John Clampitt, Henry Myers, Tom Sharpe, and Bruce Lemmon

Row 2, L-R: Jim Howe, Richard Benjamin, Roger Ringo, Ron Sheeley, Chuck Toth, Ken Stanley, Ken Gilbert and Tom Hunt

Row 3, L-R: Rusty Hickman, mgr, Coach Sullivan, and Wayne Cunningham, mgr.

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