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Our Missing Friends

We have lost track of several classmates. Please assist in locating those listed below, by providing either an email or snail mail address so we can move them from the Lost column, to Found. Also, please notify us of anyone on the list who has passed away. Click here to update our information.

Married names appear in orange print.

Last updated on April 28, 2015.

Warren Acklin  
Shirley Bingham Benson  
Elsie Bowling McCullough  
Rodney Boyd  
Aliceann Brown  
Dianna Conn  
Sharon Cook Clayton -- FOUND  
Priscilla Cordell Dalton  
Tina Fairbanks Thomas -- FOUND  
Patty Fouts Nichols  
Mike Gilbert  
Jane Goldman Stroeble  
Patricia Hall McKittrick  
Jim Harmon  
Trudie Graham  
Linda Hart Swinford  
Richard Helton  
Linda Jackson Johnson  
Carolyn Lawhorn Payne  
Linda Lee  
Bill Liffick  
Debbie McClintock McFall  
Pam McCune Burgin  
Iris McKinney Fagg  
Margaret Miller Benson  
Karen Minnis  
Brenda Montgomery Spencer  
Daniel Murdock  
Nancy Nelson Gibson  
Bill Nevins  
Bob Oehl  
Charles Osburn  
Betsy Seidel Waters -- FOUND  
Pat Serkosky Wells -- FOUND  
Carolyn Session  
Judy Sharpe  
Jack Spencer -- FOUND  
Sheila Spillers  
Daniel Taylor  
Jackie Thompson  
Larry Thompson  
Michael Tribby  
Maryann Turner Lawyer  
Sheri Updegraff  
Patricia Wilson Askins  
James Waldon