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Sports Page 5

Tech on the Links

62-63 Golf Team

Row 1, L-R: Mike Beck, Ron Cox, Steve McCray, Bart York, Tom Hunt and Bob McCauley

Row 2, L-R: Coach Pritchett, Rocky Davis, Ken McNeil, Steve Simmons, Don Anthony and Al Sylvester

63-64 Golf Team

L-R: Ron Cox, Steve McCray, Tom Hunt, Greg Eicholz, Mike Beck, Ron Poore, Bob McCauley, Kenny McNiel, Don Anthony, S teve Simmons and Coach Pritchett

64-65 Golf Team

Row 1, L-R: Steve mcCray, Bryan Sharpe, Tom Hunt, Bob McCauley, Coach Sulllivan, Ron Cox, Mike Beck and Bart York

Row 2, L-R: Tim White, Carlo Logan, Tom Runge, Bruce Thompson, Steve newton, Chip Raines, Ron Poore, and Mike Weaver

Court Masters

62-63 Tennis Team

L-R: Denny Kraemer, Dave Treadway, Bill Eldred, Terry Fields, Don Harris, Jerry Green, Steve Wodica, Dave Walls, Mike Fallowfield, and Dick Clehouse

63-64 Tennis Team

F-B: John Davies, Dave Treadway, Steve Kuykendall, Ron Quaintaine, Doug Orman, Bob Dyer, Jerry Green, Dave Walls, Bob McAllister, and Ben Schull

64-65 Tennis Team

Row 1, L-R: Bob Dyer, Dave Walls, Bob McAllister, and Jim Harris

Row 2, L-R: Richard Benjamin, Rocky Davis, Coach Roman, and Doug Orman

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