We invite you to contribute information, stories and photos, etc., to share with the class. Please send your additions to the address below. Photos need not be school related; memories of our activities "back in the day" what we want to share.


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This site is dedicated to the Class of 65 at Tech. Since that June evening so many years ago, we have scattered far and wide, and so many have lost touch. Here we attempt to bring our former classmates and old friends together again. Join us and scan through the pages to explore Tech, it's history and go back in time to share the memories of the days we roamed grounds and four floors of our beloved old castle. Here we can share photos, memories, and honor those no longer with us.

A perpetual work in progress, the site will never be "finished". It will be updated as time and materials permit.

Please provide updates and corrections where they are needed, by clicking here.

Invitations and reservation forms will be sent out by mail.

To anyone who has not attended one of our reunions in the past, I urge you to consider coming this year. You will find our class to be very warm, friendly, and welcoming. Everyone will be glad to see you, there are no strangers. Yes, we remember you, and yes, we want to see you again. Please join us for this monumental reunion.

Any classmate for whom we do not have an address is listed on "Our Missing Ones page. Please check the page and help us locate our missing friends.

If you do not receive an invitation, please get in touch with us right away so we can be sure you are included.

Click here to download the reservation form to join us at the reunion.

Fight Song

Gerstmeyer High, O here's to Gerstmeyer High
Here's to the orange and the black
Here's to the sloagan "Tech Fight Back"
Colors true, to those who honor you
Here's to everything we've done
Here's to every game we've won
Gerstmeyer High!!